Carly’s Floral Bridal Shower: April 2011

Universally loved are weddings and babies.  I am no exception to that rule.  When I heard my friend Carly was getting married, I was filled for joy for her and husband-to-be Joe. I was also filled with a little joy for myself because I knew I could finagle throwing her an Austin bridal shower. What could be sweeter than that?

It was decided that Carly would have an intimate brunch gathering when her Mom was scheduled to visit. That put the shower in April, which is a lovely time of year in Austin. Winter is long past and summer is just starting to creep up, but it’s not too hot yet. I guess that would make it SPRING!

I enlisted the help of neighbor and mutual friend Carrie in coming up with the decor and a few other friends in developing the menu.  The theme was derived from the shower invitations, which were found on Wedding Paper Divas:

Carrie and I spend many evenings bringing the invitations to life with paper carnations made of tissue paper and embellished with marker.

The carnations were super easy to make using simple directions from We scattered them throughout the designated eating areas to add pops of color to the festivities in progress.

The carnations also inspired the shower favors- seed packets. What better way than to commemorate Carly and Joe’s love than with flowers that grow and bloom.  This idea for DIY seed packets came from Inspired Kara.

At my own bridal shower, my Mom and sister presented me with a box to keep my wedding keepsakes including cards, invitations and pictures.  I keep the box under my bed and pull it out whenever I want a dose of wedding cheer. After searching high and lo, I was able to find a Hallmark keepsake box for Carly.  During the shower, it was filled with markers and a book on marriage. Guests were asked to write in their own thoughts or advice for Carly and Joe. I hope they had more than a few laughs reading what their friends wrote.

Along with traditional gift giving, we gave Carly a Wishing Well.  This is a basket that guests fill with unwrapped gifts. The idea is to give the bride something useful in the kitchen or home that she may not have thought of when registering. Carly’s treasures included an apple corer, strawberry huller and several gadgets I had never before seen but know that Carly has since put to good use.

Most importantly, the bride was glowing and we all enjoyed her floral-themed spring shower!

At the July wedding, we took bets on when I’ll get to throw her an Austin baby shower. I hope it’s not too long of a wait! I’m itching for a reason to throw another party in her honor.

Free Printables via my Scribd Account:


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