A little birdie told me you might like this

My daughter’s nursery is a continual work in progress.  And yes, I am still referring to it as her nursery even though she is 15 mo old.  As long as there is a crib in there, I refuse to believe she is anything but my precious baby.  But I’m a big girl, Mommy.  Hush, there’s plenty of time for that.

Juliette’s nursery is a soft blue with white wainscoting and brown accents.  Dean and I opted not to find out the sex of our baby-to-be, so some were a little concerned when I chose blue for the nursery color.  I was not concerned, as it happens to be one of my favorite colors, and  I’m a girl. As it turns out, it’s one of Juliette’s favorites too.  There is a bird theme inspired by a room staged by Carousel Designs for their Spa and Chocolate Gumball Crib bedding. Please check it out on my original inspiration board, which I recently uploaded to Pinterest. I did not end up going with this bedding, but loved the idea of a tree hiding behind the crib and bird houses on the wall.  Fortunately, my friend Carly also loves birds and made all kinds of accents for the room, including these gorgeous hand-painted bird houses. The frames next to the bird houses are white shadow boxes that I purchased at Ikea and decorated with wallpaper samples that Carly had from her Ethan Allen days.

I did not want to paint a brown tree on the wall because I did not want the arduous task of painting over it in a year or two. Instead, I looked for a decal of a brown tree.  I found several options on Etsy but didn’t want to shell out a lot of money for something that could possibly not stick to my very textured walls.  I settled on a black tree by Roommates  that got very good reviews from people with textured walls. I also found this Bird Cage photo holder at Bed Bath and Beyond to complement the tree.

I really loved the results and have been living with it for over a year, but recently I was feeling that Juliette’s tree looked a little bare and (to be honest) a tad scary.  One of Juliette’s favorite ASL sigs is “bird” (could this be a coincidence?), so I thought she might enjoy some birdies in her tree.  I found a bird template  online which is available here at mygrafico. I used the same wall paper samples used for the shadow boxes and affixed the birds to the wall with sticky tack. It was a very easy project. Here are the results.

Since I was on a roll, I decided it was finally time to put together Juliette’s bookshelf, which was purchased at Christmas time.  I tasked the hubby with assembly and Juliette and I moved all her books off her rocking chair and onto the new shelf.

Juliette is in her glory. She has new birdies to admire, a chair that she can now sit on and a new past time- taking her books and toys on and off the shelf.  I’m glad she is enjoying her room.  Mommy enjoys it too.

Click below for a slideshow of Juliette’s nursery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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