Look What The Easter Bunny Made

As I mentioned in my last post, my parents visited us over Easter and people visiting often puts me on a home improvement kick. One of the things I added to my lengthy to do list was hand-made Easter decorations.  I tend to be very picky about decorating for holidays. My style is classic, minimalist, Martha Stewart.

I started scouring the web and found many great ideas. You can see my favorites on my Pinterest Easter Decor board found here. I did not have time to do it all, so I had to prioritize. I decided I needed an easy Easter wreath, a centerpiece, napkin rings and some garland.

I started with the wreath. My inspiration wreath came from Crafty Sisters and is a grapevine wreath wrapped with moss and covered with spray painted plastic eggs, bird nests, bugs, flowers and birds. Beautiful!

I had all the right ambition, but too little time, so I decided to create the 5-10 minute version. First, I purchased a grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby along with some pastel speckled egg ornaments meant for an Easter tree. This step was more costly than painting plastic eggs but less time consuming. Hobby Lobby had all easter supplies on sale 40% off so score 1 for me. The egg ornaments have a ribbon for hanging them, so I simply snipped that in the middle and tied the eggs to my grapevine wreath. This took no more than 5 minutes, and I decided to leave the loose ends of the ribbon hanging as I liked the look.  My wreath was still looking pretty bare after this step.  I had meant to wrap the wreath in moss first, but had forgotten it at the store, so decided to fill in some of the bare spots with ribbon instead. I made faux bows by making the bow form first and using a smaller piece of ribbon to secure them at the center. I superglued these all over the wreath.

Here is my finished wreath.  I am well aware that it is still a lot bare (especially in comparison to the fabulous Crafty Sisters wreath), but I am considering it a work in progress. There is still plenty of room to cover it in moss or wrap ribbon around the grapevine form. We’ll see what I’m in the mood for next year. But, overall, I was pleased to churn out a decent wreath so quickly.

Sadly, this was the only project I managed to finish before my Mom arrived.  Lucky for her, that meant she got to be involved in my next project- birds nest napkin rings! I saw this idea on Scissors & Spatulas.  The blogger is also a fan of Hobby Lobby and made her creation using mini grapevine wreaths, mini speckled eggs on a stick and little birds nests.

I hate to sound like someone who is always looking for shortcuts, but I thought it might be easier to omit the grapevine wreaths and use the same wire-end ribbon I used for my wreath to make the napkin rings. First, Mom and I removed the mini eggs from their sticks and glued them to the nests. Mom was quickly banned from this step in the assembly line due to her messy superglue technique. Then, we cut ribbon to the right length to wrap around the napkins and used velcro as the opening mechanism. We glued the wreaths onto the ribbon and voila- very simple but elegant napkin rings.  The only step I skipped (and need to go back to) is burning the ends of the ribbon so they will not unravel in the future.

Next came my centerpieces. I have a large glass apothecary jar which is usually filled with faux pears and switched out with christmas bulbs or what not to change it up for different occasions.  I purchased some moss and filled the bottom of the apothecary jar and then carefully laid inexpensive speckled eggs from Hobby Lobby in the moss. This took 4 minutes at most, and I was very pleased with the results.

I saw this next centerpiece idea on Mommy Savers and was determined to make it work. They inserted a small glass vase into a larger square vase and filled the bottom of the large vase with glass beads. Then they placed blue bunny peeps around the edges of the square vase, filled the round vase with water and freshly cut daisies and had themselves a very nice looking centerpiece.

My version did not turn out as nice but not for a lack of trying. First off, I had a very difficult time finding blue bunny peeps and wanted that color to match my dining room. I originally bought the bird peeps but they were too bulky to insert between the containers. Had to settle on 1 package of blue bunnies and 1 package of lilac bunnies. Then, I could not see myself buying daisies just for them to wilt and have to throw them away in a few days. So I decided why not buy a daisy to plant at Home Depot.  But the 4″ starter pots were looking a little sad so I settled on these yellow flowers instead. As my flowers were in an ugly Home Depot plastic pot, I had to cover the edges with ribbon. I also found it more difficult than one would think to insert the peeps without destroying them. But here is my result. Not a bad effort.  It kind of grew on me over time.

My finished dining room table looked like this:

Finally, on Easter evening, I was scrambling to finish my Easter garland. I finished the piece for over my fireplace and have good intentions to finish a piece to hang in the dining room next Easter. My inspiration came from The Crafting Chicks and they used die cuts of bunnies, eggs and chicks.

 This would have been great, but I don’t have a Silhouette machine so I managed to find templates for the bunny and egg online and ended up drawing the chick myself. These I attached using ribbons only to find that my bunnies were top heavy. A penny fixed this and I added some decorative ribbon. And all my projects were officially done!

Until next easter when I see an Easter egg hunt in my future!


3 thoughts on “Look What The Easter Bunny Made

  1. lol I kept thinking that the sample was the one you made. Great job Nic! Imagine what you can do next year in the new home?!

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