My House. Let Me Show You ‘Round My House.

That is part of a song from “Signing Time,” which I watch with my daughter Juliette.  It gets stuck in my head a lot and I found it a fitting title for this post. Once again, I have been MIA from this blog and with good reason.  In the last month and a half, the following have all happened. I could not make this up:

  • Parents visited
  • Had to terminate nanny for good cause
  • Rather spontaneously bought new house (more on that in a later post) and had all that usual stress that goes with the 10 day option period
  • Had to “stage” our current house to go on the market
  • Painful search for new nanny while piecing together child care coverage so as not to miss work
  • Husband working feverishly on product launch set for mid May
  • HGTV came to film our current house (more on this in this post)
  • Hired a nanny
  • Contract pending on current house
  • Desperately need to pack

Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about all this.  The only thing that is keeping me going is thoughts of June and sipping margaritas by my new pool.  Having said that, the whole thing is rather bittersweet.  You see, I have poured my heart and soul into this house.  I love my neighborhood. I love my neighbors. I love the colors on the wall. I love knowing that practically all the landscaping was put in by me and by Dean.  I love my plant babies. In short, I am enamored with my house.

So why move? Well, we have been saying for a while that we would like to have more land, more trees.  I want one more bedroom.  Dean wants a pool.  We both wanted to stay Southwest and while we like the adjacent hill country, we are not quite ready for a move like that. A few years ago, we bought a ladder off craigslist and, in doing so, discovered a nearby neighborhood that we love, but nothing ever goes up for sale there.  Until now. We drove around that neighborhood while my folks were visiting and I later felt compelled to google for listings. This is how we ended up looking at our new house and making an offer the very same day.  It was rather crazy, but I think it was meant to be.

Readying our current home to go on the market was exhausting.  There is a huge difference between decorating your house to live in it and “staging” your house to sell it.  Why you can’t leave your gorgeous Kitchen Aid mixer on the kitchen counter is beyond me. Perhaps potential buyers will be offended by your good taste in appliances. But we got it done, or at least the most important things, and people came a looking.  Not long after, we were contacted by a realty company here in Austin about HGTV coming to film the house for a new show Buying and Selling With the Property Brothers- Austin.  The premise behind the show is that a couple is doing renovations on their current house to bring it to market while searching for a new house to turn into their dream home. They said our house was being featured as one of the dream homes.  Not sure if they loved or hated it. Surely wishing our sod designs from previous post had completely filled in.  Oh well.  Guess we will find out  when it airs in the fall, but it is a good conversation starter, if nothing else. Did I mention I love HGTV?

That brings us back to the house.  A videographer took some great pics of the house (sans some of the usual furniture) for the MLS posting. Let me take you on a little tour of some of my favorite rooms. You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger. There will be also be a slideshow of all the pics at the end.

This is our dining room. It was the first room we painted in anticipation of my sister Holly’s first visit to Austin. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Latte. The enormous mirror is from Kirkland. The table, chairs and china cabinet are all from Four Hands.

This is Dean’s office.  It was painted this beautiful color blue when we arrived. All the furniture is also from Four Hands. Love the soaring ceilings and French doors in this room.

The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen. The paint color is SW Irish Creme. I would have liked darker cabinets but this is, by far, my favorite color granite. My little Pottery Barn chairs found a home in this room as did several wine bottles upcycled as decor.

Our formal living room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. We originally attempted to paint it BM’s Blue Nose. This is a mistake as a blue room stands out like a sore thumb when it is open to the kitchen, dining and entry way as this one is. We repainted it the very next day (in anticipation of Carrie’s visit to Austin) with SW’s Cork Wedge and chose green and blue as our accent colors. The leather pieces are from Bassett. The bar is from Four Hands. The shelves over the bar (not pictured) and the coffee table are from Pottery Barn. The pieces on the mantle , barstools and accent pillows are from Pier 1. Our friend Carly helped us to pull together the elements in this room.  She did a great job. We love it and hope to replicate something like it in the next place.

Heading upstairs is the family room.  This room was an eye sore for a very long time, but has just finally come together.  The wall color is SW Muddled Basil and is a complement of Biltmore Buff which appears as a yellow-beige in our adjacent entry way.  We have neutral colored furniture in this room and chose gold, brown, green and copper as our accent colors. It is now one of my favorite sanctuaries.

The master bedroom never got as finished as I would have liked. We have only recently hung a mirror, shelves and artwork over the dresser and created half a reading nook (aka accent chair minus its table mate) in the corner. The wall color for the bedroom is SW Blonde and SW Svelte Sage is in the adjoining bath. The colors running through the two rooms are golds, greens, black and white. The black and white Damask curtains (by Waverly, purchased from Target) are by far my favorite purchase in this room. Not so sure that Dean is a fan, but they are bolder than my usual taste, and I love them.  Trying to figure a way I can get around leaving them (window treatments convey in TX). Surely with three shades in the room, they won’t need these curtains.

The gray guest room is no great shakes but I include it here because I had heard that gray was the “new neutral” and became determined to have a gray bedroom.  I did not realize how difficult it would be to select the right shade of gray. Some grays look green. Some look blue. Some look purple. Some look beige. This is cleverly called greige.  I just wanted a true gray.  After trying not one, not two, but 13 shades of gray on poster board, I found BM Harbor Gray. I love it and hope I can use is again in the future.

Finally, I adore the paint color in this tiny downstairs guest bath. It is called SW Eclipse, and I thought the colorist was crazy when she recommended such a dark color in a small, dark room. But it has worked out great. Makes the cabinets and wall decor pop. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Feel free to take the complete tour of our house here.  I will miss it dearly. May someone love it as much as we did.

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