This Old House

I am ashamed to say it has been nearly 3 months since my last blog.  This is not without good cause.  My life has been utter chaos since that time.  I mentioned this in my last blog but a reminder in my own defense never hurts.  During the month of May, we:

  • Sold our beloved first house
  • Began a packing frenzy seeing as we only had 3 wks to move
  • I did the majority of this packing as hubby was busy launching a new product for his company and was away in San Fran or Houston for a good chunk of this time
  • New nanny was hired and started just prior to the move
  • My sister, her husband and little baby visited the week prior to the move
  • We were still packing up until the last-minute, movers took pretty much the whole day to move and I took pretty much the whole night cleaning up beloved old home
  • Unpacking hell ensued

We have now been in the new house for a little over two months and I would like to say that all the boxes are unpacked and the walls decorated, but this is far, far from the truth.  Our new house is a 1990s home and some of the idiosyncrasies of the layout are giving us fits.  There are some elements of 1990s architecture that should not be repeated- EVER.

The couple living there before us had a real talent for decorating and making the most of the layout.  That is why the house appeared to be more move-in ready than it really is. They did do a total rehab of a formerly ugly kitchen and put in all new tile flooring.  Here are some pictures of their decorating style.  They preferred cool colors, bold accents and pieces that make a real statement:

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Our decorating style is updated traditional. We like warm colors and a homey, comfortable feel. We are slightly annoyed by the following:
The Tile
  • New tile is beautiful. I am not debating this.  It was probably quite expensive.  It is dark in color so it hides dirt well, but being that it is green/brown/amber in color, it is limiting us in our paint colors and area rug selections.
  • I do not like having tile in two of the bedrooms. It is cold to step out onto, a very hard surface should Juliette fall from the bed or another piece of furniture and it does not dampen sound the way carpet would.
  • While on that topic, the whole house echoes and  I can only hope areas rugs will help with that situation.

Master Bath

  • The master bath is nearly as big as the master bedroom.  I could seriously have a dance party in there
  • Meanwhile, the guest room next door is tiny, tiny, tiny
  • The master walk-in closet appears to be large but is situated in such a way that is is mostly wasted floor space and has limited space to actually hang clothes

Back Hallway & Bath

  • Very narrow and dark.  Both areas require you to turn on a light during the daytime in order to see adequately
  • Juliette’s bath has the old-fashioned sliding doors.  You have not lived until you’ve tried to bathe a kid through the small opening in one of these

Back Guest room

  • Turns out this is not really a bedroom at all but a den, at least judging from the closet. Because everyone in TX needs 3 living rooms. 3 living rooms on the same floor.
  • We struggled for days to place our queen size bed and furniture in there- limited by the placement of the doors and windows
  • Finally got a somewhat decent layout but may eventually turn this area into a library/study will pull out couch and love seat for guest sleeping accommodations

Dean’s Office

  • Smaller than his previous office and much of the wall space is blocked by the 2 doors to gain entry into the office
  • Closet is lovely to have but takes up one entire wall
  • Currently French doors open up and bang into one of our bookshelves in our attempt to not lose any of our favorite furniture

Pool/Patio Area

  • This is by far the silliest layout ever!
  • Huge sweeping staircase from upper patio, which deposit you exactly 1 foot from the pool
  • No banisters or railings just flower beds to prevent child from falling to death off patio
  • Lower patio is on 3 different levels of pretty much unusable space
  • Pool area not fenced in to maximize safety

I am going to quit complaining now, although it did feel good to vent. We are truly blessed to have found such a unique property.  There is plenty of yard space for Juliette to run around, and we only had to go 3 miles down the road from our old house to find it. Our back yard is our oasis and has a lot of potential. I want to build a bigger and better garden, and Dean seems to think a batting cage is the perfect way to landscape.

We will definitely make this new house work. It was just somewhat of a let down to see the previous owners remove all their gorgeous furniture and for us to struggle to make ours work.  We know we will make this house work (and we do realize it took us 5 yrs to complete the previous one), we are just impatient for it to be done already.  And it probably hasn’t helped, that we started construction on the pool/patio renovation at the end of June and have been living amongst the rubble ever since.  Did I also mention that it rained for nearly 2 wks this summer?  This was truly a miracle of God but also caused the electric to our septic tank to get fried and our AT&T connection to fail.  So if the house finally stops falling apart, we’ll get back to our big plans, thank you.

We have made a few minor fixes here and there.  In my next post, I’ll show you how we fixed our hall/bath lighting problem by bringing in natural light. Very cool solution. Also, the patio renovation is nearly done.  Can’t wait to post before/after pics of that. It is truly a remarkable transformation.

Until next time- may it more timely than 3 mo from now. I make no promises as I am one tired mamma!