Jacob’s Veggie Tale Backyard Birthday Bash

Veggie Tale Crew

Juliette and I recently had the pleasure of attending her cousin Jacob’s first birthday party.  This entailed several plane rides, sleeping in the dreaded pack ‘n play and being away from Daddy for a week. Fortunately, the chance to follow around her baby cousin and smother him with hugs and kisses made it all worthwhile for Juliette.

Jacob is a huge fan of Veggie Tales. For those of you who are not familiar with the program, it is a children’s cartoon starring Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and a host of other anthropomorphic vegetables including peas (French ones, at that), asparagus, carrots and even a family of gourds. Each episode features a moral Christian theme and, more often than not, a parody of a popular movie or TV show- Lord of the Beans is one example that comes to mind.

Jacob’s bday theme was first announced in this adorable invitation designed by my little sister Holly and featuring Jacob splashing around in his Veggie Tales pool.  Juliette gave the invitation her own stamp of approval by carrying it around for weeks.

For Jacob’s party, the main characters- in this case the birthday boy, Mom, Dad and the grandparents- dressed in official Veggie Tale attire pictured above and available here. The party colors were- you guessed it- cucumber green and tomato red. They were repeated in everything from the table cloths to banners and balloons.

The table decor, including plates, cups and napkins featured the Veggie Tale characters and are also available in The Veggie Tales web store.  The balloons were anchored by a clever centerpiece comprised of a Veggie Tales pail stuffed with tissue paper and baby goldfish to snack on. What little kid does not love goldfish? My Juliette was all over that. 

Later, Jacob enjoyed his Veggie Tales cake. Costco makes the best creme filled cakes ever, but due to copyrighting laws they could not draw the Veggie Tales characters on it. This was fixed by adding some Veggie Tales candles and Jacob was elated (doesn’t he look it?)

Holly spend a lot of time finding age appropriate goodies for each of the youngsters attending the party. These included Veggie Tales crayons, fruit snack, mardi gras beads, bath toys and stickers. These were placed in a lunch bag with a thank you sticker she made herself.

Juliette, being nearly 2, seemed to enjoy Jacob’s party even more than she enjoyed her own.

And Jacob’s Mom and Dad were exhausted from all the preparations but oh so happy to celebrate their Little Man’s first of many years. And we were happy to be there to celebrate with them!


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