I Do… So Love October Weddings (Part I- Dress the Part)


In my opinion, October is the best month ever. Both my husband and I have October birthdays, we love Halloween and hands down, fall is the best season in New England. So when it came time to picking a date for our wedding, there was no question in our minds that it would be in October. After trekking all over Massachusetts to find the perfect spot, we settled on the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA.  Problem was, the only two dates they had open in October were my hubby-to-be’s birthday or the day before mine.  And that is how, 6 years ago, I married my love on the day before my 30th birthday. Nothing like sneaking it in at the last minute.

Autumn is filled with so much beauty that it lends itself to picture perfect details when it comes to wedding decor. I had no shortage of ideas, and this is how Dean and I ended up spending an entire summer making wheat sheaf centerpieces. Martha Steward move over, my dear husband takes crafting to a whole other level.

Here are a few of the details from our wedding that I recently revisited as we celebrated our 6th anniversary (Really! Has it been that long?).  I really enjoyed this walk down memory lane, and hope you do too.


Every bride must have the perfect dress.  I knew I wanted an A-line with detailing on a fitted bodice and along the hem.  I must have tried on dozens of such dresses. They always say when you know, you know.  And I did not believe this to be true until I jumped over a counter to grab a dress I spied out of the corner of my eye, and it was the same one that was my favorite at the first place I tried on dresses.  The dress I chose was from the Casablanca Spring 2005 collection, number 1776 (a great year for America, btw). It was my dream dress and came in under budget. How many girls get to say that? I purchased my dress and had all the fittings done at Alexia Gavela Bridal. Geri is fantastic. I highly recommend. I always get a kick out of the catalogue image of this dress. See what I mean?


Thankfully, I chose to wear my hair a little differently and am not tall enough to reach very many well hung chandeliers.


My shoes were Lilla by Grace. I became enamored with them online, but they cost more than I was willing to spend. Then, I found them 50% off completely by accident. Score! This shoe has long been discontinued, but if you like it, you can grab it at a deep discount on Overstock.


The shoes had a very comfortable low heel. However, I did not want to risk my dancing being impeded in any way, so I changed into Sketchers ballerina sneakers in silver for the reception.


My bridesmaids wore black dresses with champagne sashes by Bill Levkoff. The maid of honor dress was style 550 and the 966 for the bridesmaids.


Our flowers were done by Natalie of Ladyslipper Designs. I carried a bouquet of flame calla lilies. The girls carried bouquets of cream colored hydrangeas with hypericum berries and lemon leaves. The MOH bouquet also included cream colored tea roses. I painstakingly made boutonnieres out of fabric leaves and wheat; however, they did not photograph well so we ended up having Natalie make us calla lily boutonnieres: flame color for Dean and cream for the groomsmen, ring bearer and Dads. The Moms wore cream colored tea roses with a black ribbon.

The flower girl carried a pumpkin full of fall leaves instead of rose petals. Problem was she got cold feet and forgot to drop her leaves. But she was still adorable! Don’t you think?



The ring bearer carried this beautiful pillow made by my sister and MOH.


Our photographer was the amazing David Tucker, and he gets the credit for the majority of the photos posted here. He is truly wonderful. Stay tuned for Part II- Dazzle the Church and Reception. Did I mention how much I love fall weddings? Especially ours.


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