J’s Frozen 5th Part I: Party Prep


With J’s 6th birthing looming around the corner, I thought it was about time that I posted pictures from her 5th birthday party.

The movie Frozen was released in November 2013 shortly after J’s 3rd birthday. We went to see it as a family over Christmas break, and it was an instant hit in our household as I’m sure it was in any household with young kids.  Our house was soon overrun with princess gear, and it was inevitable that, at some point, I would have to cave in and have a Frozen party. I managed to hold out for two whole years (not bad for Mommy strength) to allow the Frozen fever (get it) to settle down a little.


I have been known to be a little elaborate with my invitations in the past. I do realize that they are promptly lost or discarded, so it is total madness to spend a lot of time on them. I decided I wanted a simple snowflake design, and it would be brilliant if there was a template already made for me. After a little Pinteresting, I was able to find this template courtesy of helmighaus.blogspot.com.

Save the date Snowflake - Blank

I was able to download it to PicMonkey, add my own text, and within a few minutes, I had a cute invitation. I then formatted it to print two per page and created a second template by tracing around the edges so that I could border it in a darker color.

Here is my template for the background:

new doc 10_1-2

And here is the final result:


Party Decor 

Next, I set out to decorate the house.  J and I spent an afternoon making paper snowflakes out of coffee filters, which we hung on the walls and from the chandeliers.  We also purchased blue plastic tablecloths and snow blankets to drape over the tables. The LED lanterns were recycled from our Tangled Birthday Party.

I knew I wanted to incorporate Elsa’s coronation banner in the decor. I did find printable coronation banners online, but I really wanted the colors to be bolder. I also found some templates for die cutting machines, but, alas, I do not have one of those.  In the end, I was forced to download images of Elsa’s silhouette head and the Arendale flower and do a lot of tracing, cutting and pasting on card stock to come up with this banner for the front entry.


I used this free printable banner from Bakingdom.com to hang in my dining room and living room and this Happy Birthday Banner from LittleHouseOnTheCircle to hang on my wood wall.

Disney Rewards has free Frozen Travel Posters, and I used one to make a welcome sign for our front gate.  I also found this cute Love Is An Open Door sign from Glitter N Spice.

Finally, our wedding pictures underwent a remake as royal family portraits above the entryway activity and party favor table.



I had my heart set on making snow dough, complete with glitter and peppermint scent, and I can tell you it was a complete disaster.  I mean, I did give out the play dough as favors, but even after trying three different recipes, it was a little sticky for my taste. I gave it out with the recommendation of keeping it in the fridge. Fortunately, I did find cute containers for it at the dollar store and downloaded a “Let It Snow Image” on google images and made my own labels with Avery’s online software. Here is the PDF file for the labels, and a picture of the favors.


Because the snow dough was not up to par, I also made some snack goodie bags and printed some cute labels courtesy of Frosted Events.


That’s it for the party prep. Whew! In Part II, I’ll post pics of the party activities and food. For more inspiration, visit my Pinterest idea board here.